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Things to consider while writing IELTS Task 2 essays

Things to consider while writing IELTS Task 2 essays


You will be given a topic and you have to express an opinion either supporting or defying it. Your task for the entire essay is to justify your opinion. You might not believe in the topic, but you must defend a side and provide example and reasoning to prove your point.

Utilize your planning time.


Find distinct arguments to defend your opinion and then start writing.


Always maintain structure when writing the essay. There should be an introduction where you should initiate the tone of the essay by clearly defining the side of the argument you are taking. Followed by the introduction, should be 4-6 paragraphs each of which should have distinct argument and related examples justifying your opinion. Finally, there should be a conclusion which nicely wraps up everything by re-establishing the opinion you started the essay with.


Vocabulary is one of the most important ingredients of the essay. You should memorize a list of around 50 good words that are used widely. Try to use at least 10-15 of these words on your test day.


Avoid making spelling mistakes.


If you have doubt about the spelling of a word, don’t use that word. Make sure you use large number of different tenses and sentence structures along with few idioms, phrases which will make your essay syntactically rich. Always keep a manageable list of 5-6 of each of these so that you can remember to use at least some of them.


Manage time smartly. Use initial 5 minutes to plan which side of the argument you will take and what are the main points of justification that will construct each of your paragraphs. Don’t go way beyond the 250-word limit. Be concise, to the point and try to keep your essay focused on the topic. Make sure to have at least 2 minutes left for review and correction.

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